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Alex Wong for HP

As an influencer marketing agency, it’s our job to connect brands with the right influencers and bloggers – but what makes the perfect partner? The truth is, it’s different every.single.time. Each brand has unique and specific needs, and each initiative varies in terms of goals and performance indicators. Here are three recruiting realities that we’ve seen make the biggest impacts on influencer marketing today.

1. Bigger Is Not Always Better
Just because an influencer has a large following and an engaged audience doesn’t mean he or she will be a perfect partner for a campaign. Demographics like location and marital status, preferred platforms, hobbies, and aesthetic alignment help determine a good fit. Additionally, we’ve found that smaller communities are often more engaged and can be more likely to comment and share. Our data supports the argument for activating “micro-influencers” to drive engagement, reminding us to value quality over quantity when it comes to audience size.

2. Consider Unexpected Categories
Recruiting a well-known beauty blogger for a hair care campaign seems like a no-brainer, right? Not always. It’s been proven that pairing unexpected influencers and brands can help create content that breaks through the clutter. As a result, brands often look for additional factors that foster a deeper synergy with their campaign. Sometimes these distinguishing factors can be subtle but impact a brand’s decision process.

3. Do The Due Diligence
It's in the best interest of brand marketers to make sure each potential influencer partner is a good fit by looking at past campaigns and partnerships. If an influencer has a proven track record, it's a good sign that he or she could make for a great candidate. 

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